Sunday, December 1, 2013


Spinning. There are so many meanings to that one word, and right now I think I can relate to all of them at once. My head is spinning with thoughts that stir up my emotions and I have to reign myself in lest I let my mouth speak out of turn and thus create havoc in my life.

It is in times such as this that I need to slow down and settle in to a different kind of spinning. An activity that to me is as effortless as breathing. It is called handspinning. As I sit before my wheel, my bare feet resting gently on the treadles, my hands caressing soft bits of brightly colored wool, I can feel the tension start to ease. I move my feet slowly upon the treadles bringing the wheel to life. The soft whirring of the flyer and bobbin can be heard, like a secret whispered on the wind, speaking to me in a language only another spinner can understand. Like the rhythms of life I spoke of before, spinning has a rhythm all its own. It brings my body, mind and spirit into harmony. My body knows instinctively what to do from years of practice. The act of spinning has become as natural to me as breathing in and out all day. My feet move faster, slower, and then suddenly fall into pace with my hands as they draft and pull the wool while the flyer whirs and the bobbin spins adding twist and strength to the fibers creating a single spun yarn which then feeds onto the bobbin... filling it up more and more and more. I could sit and spin for hours on end. It is a rhythm of peace and calm.

Sometimes it is the act of spinning that holds the whirring of the world at bay and allows me to slow down and breathe for just a little while.A few moments in time where I can forget everything else that presses upon me from outside. If only I could snatch a few more moments of spinning each day......but alas.......I must take it as it comes...usually in the small hours of a sleepless night before the rest of the world is even awake.........I am already spinning. 

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Hello, I am searching for my first spinning wheel. Eventually I would love to spin art yarn. So I am thinking I need a spinning wheel that will spin art yarn easily. I live in Montague, mi. North of Muskegon. Do you all have a spinning group. Judy