Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Rippit! Rippit! Rippit! is frequently heard in knitting circles and the act of ripping out one's knitting to start over has become widely known as "frogging".

Although I experienced a recent episode of "frogging" with my own knitting last night, this morning has me contemplating "frogging" in an entirely different manner. Sometimes there are certain things, places, or even people in your life that cause you to drop stitches, so to speak, and otherwise make a mess of things. In order to get back on track it is sometimes necessary to remove those things, places or people from your life so you can pick up those dropped stitches and keep moving forward. In this particular instance, we can assume I am talking about a man. A man who for all intents and purposes is really no good for me. He calls me up out of the blue and suddenly I'm right back where I was months ago, emotions I was certain I had ripped back and "frogged" were really just dropped stitches, lingering in the fabric of my life waiting for me to  pick them up and deal with them.

Rippit! Rippit! Rippit!

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