Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is the start of a new and exciting year. I began 2013 visiting family. I carted my bag full of knitting projects and a plastic tote full of wool so I could card rolags for my Etsy Shoppe while I was visiting. My cousin Holly from Turquoise Owl Fibers on etsy showed me a quick and easy technique to roll punis off my hand cards.  (at the request of some friends I have included a link to a short video I made demonstrating the technique)

I am completely in love with this technique. I have to card twice as many punis to get a similar weight as my rolags, but they are so quick it takes no time at all. I managed to card up and roll 64 punis throughout the afternoon, all the while visitin and playing a game of scrabble. It was such fun.

I carded up these lovely natural colored punis of angora, merino, silk as a special gift to my Aunt Mary. I had recently made some yarn out of the same blend for a commissioned project and my Aunt really liked the fiber, so I gave her some as a belated Christmas gift.

 Next I carded up some lime green merino blended with  yellow and white for a lovely Chartreuse color that I am going to spin and knit into a small shawlette for a friend.

Then I got a little creative and carded up a blend of eggplant and iced coffee colored merino with a bit of lavender silk waste, for a lovely lightly textured Plum fiber mix. These are going up in the Etsy Shoppe.

As are the last bit of carding I did yesterday. This is another blend of merino wool, pink, cranberry, blood orange, pineapple, with some bits papaya colored silk waste added in for texture. I carded up the first 8 punis with the colors stacked and lightly blended, the next eight I carded for a striping effect. They whole lot will be sold together to make an interesting and beautiful yarn.

My cousin Holly mentioned with all the spinning she was doing lately she thought it would be interesting to keep a tally of the yardage she will spin this year. I agree wholeheartedly and plan to do exactly the same thing.

I spin quite a bit more than I realized and it will be interesting to see just how much I accomplish in a years time.

Happy Spinning :)


Magdalena said...

Thanks for the video. I've recieved punis in a swap and loved them. I hope I can replicate the result now!
Magdalenanehm at instagram

Sheralynn said...

Hi Debi! Thanks so much for the video, I'm looking forward to trying this out and when I do, I'll be sure to share my results with you on IG! I just have to look for a knitting needle or dowel that's the right size.
All best!
(carbonsoup on IG)

PATRICIA said...

This was so great -- really enjoyed it -- thanks!!!

:-) Patricia